Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and Pulsar VC have completed the acceleration program. Demo Day was held in the IT-Park.

Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and Pulsar VC have completed the acceleration program. Demo Day was held in the IT-Park.
Pulsar Venture Capital together with the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan held the Demo Day, the final round of the acceleration program. The portfolio companies were presented at the event. The event broadcasting is accessible by the link

Over a period of six months, the companies have been working very actively together with the Pulsar VC team and the IVF RT in Russia, Ireland and the USA. Startups caused particular attention in Ireland and agreed upon investments to the sum of 1 million Euro. Demo Day became the culmination point of innovative projects development for potential investors and partners. The Demo Day was attended by Sergey Negodyayev, the IIDF investment portfolio manager, Dmitriy Mozhayev, Mikro Kapital Group Business Development Director, Anton Alimov, Skolkovo Regional Development Division Manager.

“I am delighted with the success of the acceleration program, and can say for sure, that it has worked. During the first years of the program implementation, there have been doubts regarding opportunities for the innovative products development in Tatarstan. Practical experience evidences, that it is possible indeed, provided a properly organized multistage program underlies the efforts. And the acceleration results vividly prove it. 20 innovative companies are now in Pulsar portfolio, which is a good indicator of the program effectiveness”- mentioned Aynur Aydeldinov, the CEO of the RT Investment and Venture Fund in his welcoming address.

542 applications from 25 countries of the world were submitted in 2018 for participation in the program. In the finals of the qualifying round within the scope of the Russian Venture Forum, 70 companies presented their projects to Russian and international experts and investors. As a result, 8 companies were selected for participation in the acceleration program and passed into the Pulsar Venture Capital portfolio.

Demo Day participants:

TRY.FIT- is a 3D-scanner and a mobile application designed to help buyers find the perfect pair of shoes in 1-2 minutes, and assist shoe manufacturers to increase sales in the Internet.
CheckScan - is a mobile application for iOS and Android, as well as a marketing platform for retailers and manufacturers, with possibility to hold targeted campaigns and individual communication with consumers.

ACC Polymers - innovative composites combining processability of polymers with the thermal conductivity of metals. Unique properties allow the material to create products that combine the complexity of design (including 3D), resistance to aggressive external environment, simplicity and reliability.
Bridge - is a corporate information system, which allows getting a calculation tool based on decentralized technologies and use it in the blockchain ecosystem. In addition, the company solves the problem of investing in ICO projects for legal entities.

Yorso- is a multifunctional SaaS marketplace for managing seafood wholesalers.

Mouse - automates the process of organizing and conducting events for music performers, concert venues and producers. The platform provides process transparency for all parties, giving additional revenue through ticketing and VR / 360 streaming.

SwitchSales- is a CRM-service integrated into bank POS-terminals in retail outlets, which at the time of payment for the purchase with a bankcard creates unique individual conditions for the buyer without the additional use of loyalty cards.
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