Russian Venture Forum

The Russian Venture Forum is a federal event that has replaced venture fairs and other regional events, whose main audience is investment seeking innovative companies and start-ups. The Forum brings together several events with common goal to help companies to enter to the global market and to attract investors.

The Forum participants:

  • Representatives of Russian and foreign venture funds
  • Business angels
  • Specialists of investment companies and banks, legal and consulting organizations
  • Employees of involved ministries and departments at the federal and regional levels
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs in the high-tech sector

The forum presents the exposition of innovative companies interested in raising capital for the development of their business. Companies that received a positive expert appraisal take part in the exposition of the forum.

As a part of the Russian Venture Forum the selection is being made for joined acceleration program of Pulsar Venture Capital, the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and partners. Finalists of the accelerator will get investments and training program in Innopolis, Kazan, Moscow and international innovation centers. The IVFRT, Pulsar Venture Capital and partners have been conducting such large-scale acceleration program for several years. Finalists of the past years have improved their results: increased sales, came to new markets, attracted investments from major partners.

The acceleration program is designed to turn Tatarstan into Russia’s innovative center, into an international hub that is opened to innovative companies from all over the country and will help projects to enter global markets!


Europe Unlimited
Global Technology Symposium
International Venture Club
Pulsar Venture Capital
Европейская ассоциация бизнес-ангелов
Инвестиционно-венчурный фонд Республики Татарстан
Национальная ассоциация бизнес-ангелов
Республика Татарстан
Российская венчурная компания
Фонд «Сколково»

In 2017 year

The IV Russian Technology Tour was held as a part of the Russian Venture Forum. The event was organized jointly with the European Association of TechTour. The Association unites investors from all over the world, organizes TechTours in different countries of Europe every year. European and American investors from the TechTour association and the International Venture Club met with a number of companies in Moscow, another two stages of pitches-sessions were held in Tatarstan, Innopolis.

Organizers of the Venture Forum

  • Russian Venture Capital Association (RVCA)
  • Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan

Date and location

april 2017 year,
City of Innopolis

Reasons to participate

For entrepreneurs:

  • to get an expert appraisal of the project;
  • to complete training;
  • to get advice on preparation of business presentation to the potential investor;
  • to find meaningful contacts and investors;
  • to raise investments;
  • to get into the international acceleration program.

For investors:

  • to get information about promising innovative companies;
  • to approach entrepreneurs directly;
  • to discuss questions of fundraising and legal organizational form for funds within the Russian jurisdiction;
  • to determine the main trends of venture business.

For development Institutes:

  • to discuss the basic tendencies and future development of the direct investment and venture capital market;
  • to assess the effectiveness of existing facilitating mechanisms and instruments to promote the development of venture entrepreneurship and specify new ones.

Business program

As a part of the Forum, up to 20 specialized events are held annually, the main purpose of which is to ensure a constructive dialogue between all participants of the innovation process. The program of the Forum includes a plenary session, panel discussions, presentation sessions, breakout sessions, trainings, master classes, press conferences.

During the business program, you will be able to:

  • to learn the practical experience of direct and venture capital raising
  • to find new partners and clients
  • to lay the groundwork for future business development
  • to determine promising high-tech sectors for investment
  • to re-think the business development strategy
  • to make strong and long-term partnership links


The exposition of the Forum includes companies that get high expert appraisal from venture business professionals. At the same time it does not matter, which region of Russia the company works in and what the area it does its business in.

Selected projects pass a pre-certification, afterwards they will be allowed to participate in the exposition.

  • get advice on preparing a business presentation for a potential investor
  • will be able to present your business and attract the attention of a wide range of investors
  • establish contacts and business links with possible partners
  • get necessary skills to establish a successful business and attract investment for its development
  • can apply for a multi-month acceleration program from IVFRT, Pulsar Venture Capital and partners
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