Magic Leap still looking for game designers

Magic Leap still looking for game designers

Magic Leap is coming off a major influx of capital, and it is putting that money to work. The secretive augmented-reality company, which is developing AR goggles that overlay digital images on the real world, posted an open position for a game designer today.

This is a sign that the company is still focused on gaming for whatever product it ends up bringing to market. In augmented and virtual reality — or even on mobile — gaming has served as one of the best ways to excite early adopters. The idea is that people buy Magic Leap or other AR/VR headsets as expensive toys, but they end up integrating them into other aspects of their lives.

“As a Game Designer, you will join our internal Magic Leap Studios team,” reads the job posting. “This is a group committed to creating new and exciting mixed reality experiences that change the way people view digital content.”

The job is located in Florida, which is the home of developers like Electronic Arts’ Tiburon and others. So Magic Leap could pull from the local scene, or it could attract in people from other regions around the world.

Magic Leap has tens of millions of dollars to spend on development of its headset as well as content. That influx of cash came earlier this month in the form of a $461 million funding round led by Saudi Arabia. That’s the kind of cash that can pay for a lot of experimental AR games, so this is probably one of the best opportunities anyone could have to get acquainted with what could turn into the computing platform of the future.


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